Be Advanced on Your Workout with My Coach, the Newest Feature on THe Fitness First Mobile ApP

One of the most important step to get best workout results is by always tracking and monitoring your fitness progress. However, with life’s hectic schedule, it’s easy to lose track of where you are and where you want to be regarding your fitness. Fret not, Fitness First Indonesia have launched My Coach on its mobile app.With this technology, you can easily track and monitor your fitness progress through your smartphone. How can this feature increase your fitness experience? Let’s find out!

Through the Assessment menu, you will get thorough evaluation of your body composition, posture and dynamics evaluation. With this information in hand, your Personal Coach can determine the best exercise that suits your physical condition and make sure that the workouts tailored to you can be done safely.

This menu allows your Personal Coach to get deep into your motivation, goals, and barriers of your fitness progress through a one-on-one personal conversation and/or a written questionnaire.

Workout Template
This menu on My Coach Fitness First can help you to train anytime and anywhere you want. With Workout Template, your Personal Coach can create and send exercise programs to you on the fly. On the other side, you can modify your training program according your fitness level.

Progress tracking
Having trouble remembering the weights of your training? This menu can be useful for you. Progress tracking allows you to record your training progress such as training weights, reps, sets and even the duration of your training session with your Personal Coach. You can also use this feature to set benchmarks for your next workout.

Time management
This menu can help you view your training history with your Personal Coach. With this menu, you can also determine when you will return and continue working out at Fitness First Indonesia.

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